I was robbed. 

I was robbed. 

I lost so many things; things I cherish; things that made me who I am.

Dear robber, do you know you’ve done to me?
You took away the best things in my life. You away my happiness. You took away my peace of mind. You took away my sanity. You took away my rationality.

You left me in the darkest corner in my room, hiding from the world you exist in. You made me fear the slightest blow of air behind my ears. You made what seem so harmless, my darkest nightmare. You left me in disquietude. 

You made me less than who I actually am. You turned my flowers into monsters. You turned my deepest fears into a reality. You constantly whisper into my ears the most cynical and misanthropic lies you can think of. 

You drowned me in your pool of fears and worries. You left me gasping for air and struggling to stay afloat with only the slightest hope of surviving. 

You tore me up into pieces; pieces so fine I can no longer patch back; pieces so fine small parts of me was never to be found; pieces so fine I forgot what I was. 

You pushed me down so hard I struggle to stand again. You suffocated me so long I no longer know what breathing feels like. You made me forgot what being normal feels like.

Dear anxiety, I will be back for you! And this time I will be stronger than I ever was. I will show you that I have so much more than what you took from me. I will show you that I will no longer bow to your self-proclaimed superiority and your bogus authoritarianism. I wish you all the best. 


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